Diffusion channels

The diffusion channels were designed and constructed by Fusion Optix based near Boston. Here we have a test piece based on 1″ wide channel.

Test channel at Fusion Optix


And here is what it look like with diffusion on top and lit up! Very very nice indeed!!

test channel at Fusion Optix

And here we have Jeff and Patrick from Fusion Optix who stayed late to cut all the pieces. Very nice people indeed!

Jeff and Patrick at Fusion Optix


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Construction part 1

Making test pieces

General mess

Test pieces without diffusion channel


First a test without the diffusion channels (which will be made by Fusion Optix).  The video is deliberately out of focus to simulate the diffusion. Just testing the code in a rough fashion here. Running at about 25% brightness.


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Installation update

Building the circuit.

This is based on a teensy 3.0 microcontroller from Hobbytronics. I opted for this as it already had a powerful library for controllling WS2812 leds. It’s a very powerful controller and also benefits from having an in built real time click (handy if your building a clock!) and it can be programmed using the Arduino IDE.

Thanks to Paul at PJRC for  designing the controller and also creating libraries and sharing them with everyone else!! I doff my cap!

(from top to bottom ) The circuit consists of  –

3v battery (for the real time clock backup)
Teensy 3.0
3.3v to 5v converter chip
Data and power sockets.

Circuit board

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Installation for e-luminate festival

Idea for what is essentially a clock composed of addressable RGB leds. Based round a 9 segment display (7 segments seemed a bit boring). The project wouldn’t have been possible without the very generous help of Fusion Optix who provided custom cut diffusion channel .

The led channels will be mounted on 12mm plywood. (Scrap packaging from work!)

cutting plywood panels

cutting plywood panels

The Leds used are WS2812B strips from Ray Wu

4m rgb strip

4m rgb strip

Took about a week to arrived from Shenzhen via DHL. Bought a few spare metres just in case there are any dodgy LEDs. Haven’t found any so far!

Template for cutting / wiring purposes.

led template

The fun begins!! Cutting /soldering and testing all the strips.
Cutting and soldering strips.

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Random art generator at Dorkbot Anglia

A great evening at Dorkbot Anglia hosted at Makespace and curated by Jo from Bad Timing.  Hopefully there will be more Dorkbot Cambridge events. It’s surprising that it didn’t already exist as there are so many interesting people/ ideas around here.

With David Chatting, Rachel Rayns

With Rachel Rayns (currently of Raspberry pi) and David Chatting (of the Curiosity Collective)

Tom Scott

Tom Scott in the middle




onlookers (Jo with the glowing stomach)

dorkbot9 dorkbot8 dorkbot7 dorkbot6 dorkbot5

Random close ups

Random close ups

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Random art generator. Flicker exhibition guide!

Looks great. This only happened thanks to the great Chris Miszak. So big thanks Chris and all the other brilliant people who gave their time to make it such a great exhibition. You can download the program here.

flicker cover

flicker inside

Note that the image had to be supplied to the printer before i’d finished making it. So instead of supplying a picture of a pile of wires and servos – a drawing instead. Nothing like a bit of a deadline to get things moving.

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Random Art Generator

Built this for the Flicker exhibition at Smiths Row in Bury St Edmonds.  It’s based on a super8 projector with a clear film loop going through it. Ink is dropped onto the film and it’s them smeared/ smudged by a sponge and toothbrush as the film goes past. The film is then dried using a hair dryer and projected. The idea is that the film is clear when the exhibiton starts and completely black by the end.

Video coming soon………

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